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Right Patient = Right Sample = Right Result

Better Detection = Better Patient Outcomes


Pain Physicians should consider using UR Code for better Patient Health Care

UR Code is the ONLY Solution to Urine Sample Integrity for Drug Testing


Attention Pain Physicians:  20+% of your patients may be cheating their Urine Drug Test. Do you know if you have a pill ring operating out of your office?  Now is the time to reduce your liability; get protected with UR Code


MarkerTest Distribution Offers:

  • A safe, effective and discreet solution for drug testing analysis that virtually assures 100% accuracy and reliability in obtained sample integrity.

  • Our enhanced drug testing process provides superior security and quality in sample collection and processing.

  • The new and innovative urine marker product validates and authenticates the sample to the individual is included in the current cost of the laboratory confirmation drug test.

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