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About MarkerTest Distribution


MarkerTest Distribution (MTD) is a distribution and consultation company serving the US drug testing industry by applying ground breaking technology, training and education to laboratories and Physician practices to provide the safest, accurate, and most secure solution to gain confidences in the drug testing result.

This allows the Physician to make completely informed decisions on treatment and patient care.


We offer a new and innovative urine marker product that validates and authenticates the sample to the individual and is included in the current cost of the laboratory confirmation drug test. 

We offer an enhanced drug testing process that provides superior security and quality in sample collection and processing.


MarkerTest Distribution (MTD) has partnered with leading laboratories to provide of drug confirmation testing, toxicology and analytical services. We offer specialized range of customizable solutions for accurate, reliable and cost effective testing with a specific focus on prescription medication management, illicit substance identification and performance enhancing drug detection using only the most advanced LC-MS/MS technology available today.


MTD and its Laboratory Partners provide a safe, effective and discreet solution for drug testing  analysis that virtually assures 100% accuracy and reliability in obtained sample integrity.


MTD's proprietary method utilizes UR Code™ (a biologically inert pharmaceutical grade substance in gel capsule or liquid form) that attaches a "Bar Code" identifier to the patients' urine sample. This eliminates the need for observed sample collection and reduces costly and time consuming requirements commonly associated with test sample collection and analysis.


UR Code is the only patented product available that was developed specifically to detect attempts of sample substitution, dilution, or adulteration. Research and experience confirm that up to 20% of all sample collection protocols are contaminated by deliberate acts of subterfuge.


MTD and its Laboratory Partners testing methods help healthcare providers to track and monitor the desired results of the prescription regimens while maintaining the highest levels of vigilance to detect potential abuse, divergence and non-compliance. Through these efforts we partner with patients, physicians, insurers, employers and regulators to achieve positive outcomes while providing a greater level of health, safety, security and cost effectiveness.


MTD's Laboratory Partners techniques and technology were developed to meet or exceed the latest testing standards. Input from our Consulting Physician Network provides invaluable guidance to help us refine our approach to ensure we continue to provide unparalleled customer service with the most reliable, accurate, cost effective testing programs and reporting services available.


At MTD, we and our Laboratory Partners work with all our clients to develop a reporting and testing program that suits each organization’s unique needs, goals and mandate.

Innovative Urine Marker that validates and  authenticates the sample to the individual
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