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What are the Benefits of UR Code to a Pain Physician?

Better Detection = Better Patient Care and Outcomes

UR Confirms Urine Substitution, we help to prevent and expose:

  • Reduced risk of legal proceedings against you and your practiceUsers trying to cheat their drug tests

  • Pills getting into the wrong hands

  • Pill Rings in you practice

  • Patients showing positive for one drug while masking another

  • Physician Public Perception:  19% of the population blame Physicians for the Opioid crisis.  UR Code is a good first step to protecting a Physicians reputation

  • Zero % of Manipulated Urine Samples

  • Zero % Shy Bladder Syndrome

  • Zero % Collusion & Conspiracy 


UR Code offers the benefits of not incurring the additional costs and time associated with same-sex observed urine sample collection and reliance upon line of sight visual controls to monitor and detect attempts of dilution, substitution and adulteration.      


This protocol preserves the trust between patients and their providers while maximizing the integrity of the testing controls.


Additional benefits are realized by reducing or eliminating costs associated with retesting due to non-compliance or deliberate acts to circumvent the collection of valid samples.     


The utilization of UR Code in Urine Drug Testing is of particular benefit to patients with multiple health challenges including chronic pain, healthcare providers, sports administration, insurers, employers, treatment facilities, rehabilitation clinics, civil litigation matters and in the criminal justice system.


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