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UR Code


The unparalleled UR Code™ from MarkerTest Diagnostics offers a unique innovation for urine drug and doping control.


The patented method of UR Code eliminates the need for observed sample collection and solves the difficulties of other testing procedures.


It is the only test worldwide that can detect sample substitution resulting in truly accurate and reliable results.

Did you know that the synthetic urine market is nearly a $1 billion dollar industry and that over 20% of patients are cheating on their urine drug tests?

If you are a Pain Physician, UR Code Confirms Urine Substitution, we help to prevent and expose:

  • Reduced risk of legal proceedings against you and your practice

  • Users trying to cheat their drug tests

  • Pills getting into the wrong hands

  • Pill Rings in you practice

  • Patients showing positive for one drug while masking another

  • Physician Public Perception:  19% of the population blame Physicians for the Opioid crisis.  UR Code is a good first step to protecting a Physicians reputation

  • Zero % of Manipulated Urine Samples

  • Zero % Shy Bladder Syndrome

  • Zero % Collusion & Conspiracy 

  • Only Urine Authentication Process in the US & Canada


UR Code is a biologically inert substance that, in essence, provides an internal "Bar Code" identification within the patient's urine. This eliminates the need for supervised or observed urine sample collection. UR Code makes sample substitution and dilution virtually impossible without detection, therefore professionals and administrators can truly rely on unadulterated and accurate test results.


UR Code is packaged as a soft gel capsule that can be easily administered by a health care professional, laboratory technician or provider. UR Code is not metabolized, but simply absorbed in the body and eliminated through the urine avoiding undue risk of adverse events or allergic reaction. The formulation of UR Code has the capability of labeling each urine sample with a "unique" bar code identification that only the licensed laboratory can detect and match to the administration key. 30 minutes after the UR Code is ingested, the urine sample can be collected without the need for uncomfortable or intrusive direct observation. The sample is then processed at our Partner Laboratories for detection, matching and decoding utilizing our LC-MS/MS proprietary methods.


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