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The Process of UDT


When circumstances indicate the need for a urine drug screen, the physician will order the screen. In most cases, an individual serving as the designated urine specimen collector will be on site at the physician's office.


The specimen collector meets with the patient to gather his or her insurance information, document demographic information from the patient's chart, and complete a requisition form.


Next the patient provides the urine sample, which may or may not be witnessed by the specimen collector. At this time, the specimen may be subjected to qualitative (point of care) testing either through a specialized cup or testing sticks. The collector then packages the urine sample and sends it to our Partner Labs in Florida, for evaluation.


When the urine sample arrives at our Partner Lab, a test is performed.  All positive tests are confirmed via LC-MS/MS. This is a quantitative analysis, and it's often called a "confirmation." This test determines the amount of a particular drug in the patient's system. The physician receives these results in normally one to two days. With this additional information, the physician can further refine his or her treatment plan.


Our Partner Labs can perform any number of drug panel confirmations. 


For a Clinical Guide to Urine Drug Testing Click Here.



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Process of UDT

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